SICOMO is a conformity control management web system for air operators, designed to manage audits and nonconformities of organizations in the aviation sector.

This conformity control management web system for air operator allows you to create your own Internal and Externals Standards, so you can upload your own manuals and requirements

 You can create an Internal or External Standard through the Standards tab.

Firstly, you should select the one you want and add it. Then, you have to fill different fields about the standard you are going to create, as checking type of document, title, short title, date of issue, date in force… and save them…

If you want to create requirements for that standard you can do it in the Requirements view. Here you have to select the internal o external standard; in the tab “with requirements” you must choose no, because you haven’t create any requirement yet, in the status you have to choose the state of your standard, in force, not in force yet.. and final look for the title of your Standard.

After that, you have to add each requirement to the standard so, you have to fill some fields, checking requirements, title, text, dates of issue and in force, and add the levels to see the requirement in the tree , the level 1 is the first level that you see in the Requirements tree and the rest of levels, as shown on the screen.

Once you create the requirements, you can edit, delete or update to another version all requirements you want.

The SICOMO solution is a conformity control management web system for air operators and is all that you need for a better regulations management, audit planning, and nonconformities treatment.

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