Air operator certificate guidance for EASA and IOSA and successful management of its audits

Learn how the compliance monitoring manager of an air operator must prove that the company has the professional capacity and organization necessary to guarantee the operation of aircraft in safe conditions for the specific aviation activities.

In this Ebook you will find:

  • The process for obtaining an AOC in the EASA, with the common requirements for do it. 
  • How to fill in the 5 stages according to OACI (Pre-certification phase, formal application phase, document evaluation phase, demonstration and inspection phase, Final certification phase).
  • The main EASA regulations associated with the certification of an air operator.
  • How to certify an air operator for the IOSA certification and manages its audits successfully

Download this ebook now and start the process to obtain an AOC in EASA and to certify in IOSA the easiest way, using tools that meet the requirements of the EASA and IATA standards to achieve excellent results at the organizational and productive level.

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