SICOMO-sistemas de control de la conformidad
software "SICOMO" for Quality Management and Compliance Monitoring for Air Operators
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Get a free demo of the software "SICOMO" for Quality and Compliance Monitoring Management on Air Operators.


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Check by yourself how to optimize the conformity control management of the Air Operators under EASA regulation.

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Ensuring an improvement in the efficiency of the quality and compliance monitoring departments, thanks to the specially designed features for experts in the sector.

This Software for Quality and Compliance Monitoring on Air Operators (AOC) is all that you need for a better regulations management, audit planning, and nonconformities treatment.

With this demo you can:

  1. Understand how SICOMO allows an easy access to those regulation and requirements of EASA that affect the organization.
  2. See how checklist requirements automatically actualize when and actualization of regulations occurs.
  3. Check SICOMO capacity to show audits and its compliance to authorities in an intuitive and a immediate way.
  4. Figure out how SICOMO implies an optimization of time devoted to quality and compliance monitoring department of an organization, as well as and important reduction on costs and a great performance improvement.

SICOMO demo gives you the opportunity to get an strategic advantage regarding other organizations, who are improving their quality  and compliance monitoring systems.

The sooner your organization gets "SICOMO" the sooner it will improve the performance of your management system.

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