SICOMO is a software for air operators under EASA regulation, and works in a web environment designed for legal compliance, audits and nonconformities management of organizations in the aviation sector.

This software for air operators under EASA regulation allows you to print and edit a document to notify the auditee through the Auditee Notification tab located inside the Audit item selected in the Home tab:

Once you are in Auditee Notification tab you have to rename the auditee or auditees who are carrying out the audit and you must send them an assigned email. Receiving this email with all the information about they should take action in the audit.

Moreover, in the General Info tab you can print a PDF with the Notification Auditee as is shown on the screen bellow.

In the case you want to re edit the fields of this document you can do it through the Notification Auditee tab, with the cell Notification Data.

Doing this you can edit the information data of the persons who send the notification and the auditees who are assigned to, also the dates, additional information and objectives. All these changes will be seen in the PDF.

The SICOMO solution is software for air operators under EASA regulation and is all that you need for a better regulations management, audit planning, and nonconformities treatment.

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